The Human Relationship
Assistant Platform

Are your human relationships better off today than they were 5 years ago? Forming and maintaining relationships is harder than ever before.

Our mission is to make it easier. We make building relationship assistants possible with our relationship context platform.

Integrates with your favorite tools
Graphlan saves you hours of digging

It's About Context

Seek and maintain genuine interest.

We coalesce and surface your relationships’ context from multiple apps & websites to give you communication superpowers.

about the context example

Follow up with ease

Once you connect with someone, like at an event, Graphlan remembers how that person wants to be communicated with.

Focus on real relationships

Have too many connections that you never actually contact? Graphlan surfaces people who you actually interact with in email, chat, and events.

Context from multiple sources

Be confident you're remembering up-to-date conect no matter where it originates.

It's About Us

Group your connections together.

The most meaningful relationships often come through others in your crew.

group connections example

List Collaboration

Invite your group to create lists of everyone's relationships with ease, that others can find value within.

Privacy Controls

Optionally make viewers request access to contacts' phone numbers and email addresses within a list, and approve or deny those requests.

A.I. Smart-Lists

Create intelligent lists that constantly look for new connections of the group and adds them to a list auto-magically.

It's About Solving Problems

Let's build the ultimate relationship assistants.

Every relationship between humans is different; no single AI can assist everyone. Together let's build an ecosystem of assistants for different kinds of relationships; for the familial, friend, mentor/mentee, and of course than buyer/seller, and more.

We take care of Access Controls

Don't worry about the nitty gritty, boring but important-to-get-right privacy stuff, we've got that covered.

AI Search Built-In

Make natural language search available to your users in seconds.

Surface Real Relationships

Make your app more valuable and sticky by providing context on mutual human data.